Mission Assessment Overview - the steps of the application and discernment process:

1.1 - Basic Information and Overview
1.2 - Initial Meeting With Rector
1.3 - Mission Distinctives

1.5.1 - Resume
1.5.2 - Testimony & Calling
1.5.3 - Church Planting
1.5.4 - Marriage & Family
1.5.5 - Spouse Questionnaire
1.5.6 - Financial Survey
1.5.7 - Theology Questionnaire
1.5.8 - Confidential Questionnaire
1.6 - Local Team Discernment

2.1 - Planter Summary Template
2.2 - Full Church Planters Profile
2.3 - Church Leader Inventory (CLI) and Church Leader Spouse Inventory (CLSI)
2.4 - Schedule the Church Planter and Spouse Interview
2.5 - Rector/Planter Interview Discussion
2.6 - Sermon Evaluation Upload

3.1 - Agreement
3.2 - Background Check
3.3 - Psychological/Marital Form
3.4 - Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

3.5.1 - Study for the AMiA Examination
3.5.2 - AMiA Examination - Closed Book
3.5.3 - AMiA Examination - Open Book
3.6 - Register for Orientation

4.1 - Petition for Candidacy
4.2 - Church Planter Coach
4.3 - Apply for Incubation
4.4 - Ministry Description

5.1 - Core Team Guide
5.2 - Boot Camp Guide
5.3 - Strategic Plan Presentation
5.4 - Launch


The mission assessment site is currently experiencing technical difficulties. To complete assignments, ask questions or find out more information, please email Beka LeMaster.


Welcome to the Anglican Mission Application page! We are an Anglican church planting society. Our desire is to help you discern the Lord's calling on your life and assess your potential fit as a member of our society. We understand the many factors and variables that contribute to such a highly relational and important process. To this end we have developed a pathway that covers all the nuances, and we will help you navigate through our process on our initial phone call.


Before you apply and set up the initial phone call, here are a few things about our process:


1. We want to be thorough without creating unnecessary hurdles. Our process is self-paced and flexible to accomodate applicants from a variety of backgrounds and circumstances.* It is organized in several phases that "unlock" as you progress.


2. We keep an online interactive summary of the process so you can view your status and converse with us at all times. Please note, once you've completed an assignment and it is "Approved" modifications to the assigment will not be allowed.  Should you find that you need to make a change to a completed assignment, please make a request in the associated "Comments" section and the system administrator will "unlock" the assignment making it ready for modification.


3. Please visit the Anglican Mission website, talk to people in the Mission, and get a feeling of who we are before applying.


4. We want to serve you with open and honest conversations and constructive feedback.


5. Our aim is to come along side you to help you discover God's calling in this next season of your life and ministry.



* For example, whether or not you are called to plant a church, whether or not you have completed theological training, whether or not you have been ordained an Anglican or otherwise, etc. Hearing your story and sorting through these unique circumstances is a primary reason for the initial phone call in the application process.