Our society is built upon gospel friendship and humble collaboration for the sake of Christ-centered relationships that are based on our Theological Vision. To this end, we invite those who share our purpose and values to become friends of AMiA.

We welcome friends of the Anglican Mission to join us in our discussions, events, leadership training, and celebrations. As friends, we share what we have learned and encourage one another to be faithful and fruitful on mission in America.

How to become a friend of the Anglican Mission:

  1. Read through our website, especially our Theological Vision, to more fully understand our purpose and values.
  2. Expectations of friendship with AMiA can be found on the Anglican Mission Friendship Form. Both individuals and organizations can become friends of the Anglican Mission.
  3. Upon becoming a friend of the AMiA, we will communicate with you about our upcoming opportunities (e.g. events, training, coaching, church-planting assessments, etc.).

For more information, please contact us here.